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Creekside Christian School Dress Code  

In keeping with the school's basic philosophy of encouraging students to conduct themselves in a Christ-like manner both at school and within the community, Creekside Christian School has developed guidelines for student dress and appearance. These guidelines shift the focus from outward appearance to internal character, and reflect a general appearance of CCS students that honors and glorifies God. The lifestyle to which a student conforms in school affects both his attitude today and many decisions he will make in the future.  Creekside Christian School students are required to attend school in neat and clean uniform attire every day, unless otherwise specified.  (Col. 3:17, I Peter 3:3-4)


Uniform Requirement

All students enrolled at Creekside Christian School are expected to attend school in uniform everyday unless otherwise specified by the administration.  Students are free to mix and match from among designated uniform components any day of the week except when requested to dress for special occasions.                               

Red, White or Navy Polo’s

Khaki or Navy Pants / Shorts / Capris

Khaki and Navy Skirts / Jumpers

White or Light Blue Oxfords

Red and Navy Sweaters

Shorts or Capris may only be worn before Thanksgiving Break and after Easter Break.                    

Shorts or Capris may not be worn on chapel days.

All students are required to be in uniform on the first day of school.  New students who enter the school already in session are expected to attend in uniform within 7 days of registration. 

All shirts must have collars. (Except for school purchased t-shirts, physical education classes, athletic events or special occasions.)


Students in grades 6-8 will adhere to the same standards previously stated except they may wear jeans instead of khaki or navy skirts/shorts/pants on the bottom.

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